What is the National Bed Federation?


Some of you may have heard of the National Bed Federation (NBF), particularly those who’ve been in the Contract industry for a while. For consumers and anyone who’s new to the industry, the NBF may be something you’re not too familiar with and would like to know more about.

We’ve gathered together a few Q&A’s about the NBF to explain why they’re such a big part of the bed industry.


Who are the NBF?

The NBF refers to the National Bed Federation – a trade association for UK manufacturers of beds and their suppliers, protecting bed buying consumers and providing them with a wealth of information.

Founded in 1912, they are now the leading authority on beds and mattresses in the UK. Their members account for 75% of the bed market.


What does the NBF do?

Their aim is to be the voice of the UK bed industry, and that’s why they play a major role in educating the trade and consumers. They provide information and advice and promote the benefits to health and wellbeing of quality sleep, enhanced by the correct support and comfort of a good bed.


Why are the NBF important?

There are traders scouring the country targeting neighbourhoods with their ‘bargain deal mattresses’ – mattresses which may not meet UK flammability standards and may well contain old spring units and dirty fillings. Many rogue traders also exist online, selling mattresses of questionable quality to unsuspecting consumers. The main goal of the NBF is to protect consumers from rogue internet tradesmen and the white van man scam.


How do the NBF protect consumers when buying a new bed or mattress?

Every NBF Approved Member Manufacturer has undergone rigorous independent auditing, certifying that they have robust procedures in place to ensure their compliance with UK regulations on safety, cleanliness of fillings and accurate trade descriptions.

So what that means for you is you can buy with confidence, knowing that the mattress or bed you’re buying is SAFECLEAN and HONEST.



The takeaway here is simple – always look for the NBF Approved tick when buying beds or mattresses, and you can be sure that what you’re buying is good quality and safe.

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