6 Ways Sleep Deprivation Affects Health

Just how bad is sleep deprivation? Not getting enough Zzzzz’s affects our mind and body in many damaging ways.

The longest time (on record) anyone has ever stayed awake for is 18 days (in a rocking chair competition in 1977…). At this point the body is severely physically and mentally impaired – after 3 days, people have experienced muscle twitches, blurred vision and nausea, after 5 days severe paranoia, hallucinations, delusional episodes and extreme irritability start to take effect and after 18 days the ability to perform simple physical or mental tasks has almost disappeared.

The long term effects of a lack of sleep on a regular basis has been monitored by sleep experts, who have found that many physical and mental illnesses are aided or worsened by sleep deprivation.

We’ve created an infographic that looks at why not getting the recommended amount of sleep every night can affect our minds and bodies. 



So how can we improve the quality of our sleep?

Primarily sleep allows the brain to recover and regenerate, making it extremely important for us to continuously get a good night’s sleep.

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